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When the Pauline monks came to Olimje in 1663, they began studying the plant life methodically. One of their monastic rules prescribed that each monastery had to have a room for sick brethren. It was called "Infirmaria". One of the brothers worked as a male nurse and was at the ill brothers' disposal.Some monks dedicated their life to medicine entirely. They cultivated and collected medicinal herbs and prepared remedies. The painting from 1681 depicts two gardens near the monastery, where medicinal plants were most likely to be grown as well. But more than plants, the monks trusted in the power of prayer. Eggerer, the prior of Olimje, stated in his work "Heavenly Pharmacy" that "Faith and trust in God's help are far more efficient than all of Dioscorides' and Galen's remedies combined". Nevertheless, the Pauline monks took into account the knowledge of the science of medicine and started what we call the Old Pharmacy on the ground floor of the South tower. The round, arched room holds magnificent frescos painted by the famous Anton Lerchinger from Rogatec. They hold great artistic significance, but, more important, they tell us about the path to health and happiness.

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